Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wicked Problem Project Part B - TPACK

TPACK Implementation of my current MAET project:

TP - Technology & Pedagogy
For this project I will be using two different pieces of technology, Google docs and Twitter. Google docs  will be used to create a pre and post survey  so that I can collect information on the students' abilities to research online (in a manner that deepens understanding). This formative assessment will be used to collect data that I can use to determine the impact of using Twitter in class. Google docs was chosen because my students are familiar with it and in a 1-on-1 setting it is a tool that I can use easily without interrupting the daily lesson.  

TC - Technology Content
The second piece of technology is Twitter. Students will be using Twitter as a researching tool; identifying, following, and having conversations with experts, as well as, looking for links to articles and research that is pertinent to their projects. This is the basis of my research, using the NETS-s ( as a guide I hope to see an improvement in the ability of the students to find information, analyze the information, and to ask questions or look for feedback on their own conclusions. I could not do this as a sole expert but Twitter provides access to many experts.

PC - Pedagogy Content
My project may be a bit different because it is not looking at one lesson but rather a skill that I would like to facilitate the growth of within my students. In a PBL classroom there is a focus on turning the learning over to the students and with that in mind I have challenged myself to change my overall pedagogical approach from being a teacher to becoming a facilitator. I believe that building skills; such as researching, communication within the content, and asking for feedback will give the student deeper and more enjoyable learning experience.

My part in facilitating this will include weekly "Tweet Starts" and "Tweet Enders". Tweet starts will range from:
  • searching your topic as a hashtag in hopes of finding articles or experts
  • to searching your "experts tweets/comments"
  • to direct messaging your expert. 
Tweet enders will include exit slip style assignments and sharing primary research with the intent of having an expert give feedback.

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  1. Anxiously awaiting feedback on how this will work for your students. How exciting if some top notch experts actually begin to communicate with them! This also sounds like a great dissertation topic - how many 'experts' are also Twitter uses and in what capacity? Hmmm???