Friday, November 23, 2012

Group Leadership Project: Part B

Our team used Google presentation to story board our stand alone professional development project. Google presentation allowed us to work simultaneously from our homes, considering we cover both the east and west side of Michigan, as well as Iowa, this was a helpful tool. By using the slides we were able to import screenshots from Educreation and pictures from the internet to represent what our final product may look like. We were also able to move slides around and insert or delete slides as needed. We could have used the "presenters notes" section to discuss  the voice over and other details but we choice instead to place these ideas directly onto the slide. This allows for easy viewing by our peers.

Some obstacles with Google presenter include visual limitations and user habits. With presentations it is not easy to add free hand drawings, nor view each "frame" in a suitable size next to one another. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for me was to remember that the presentation was not my final product but instead a map to create the final product on Educreation.

But in the end the process of storyboarding provided for a means to plan a final product and created a context for our second web conference meeting.

The final plan is to make three individual Educreations, share the links with one another, and then use Camtasia to screen capture them, edit them, and publish a final product. The final product will introduce Educreations, give a tutorial on how to use it's functions, discuss it's application in a PBL classroom and a flipped classroom, and prove an opportunity for the learner to create their first Educreation.

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  1. What a hard working team! Lots of progress made here.