Sunday, August 5, 2012

Creating Online Collaborative Spaces

Recently, I was challenged by the MSU MAET program to create two collaborative spaces using a wiki format. I have used wikispaces and pbworks in the past, but this assignment gave me a chance to create something new, as well as, learn how to to contribute to Wikipedia. As you can tell from my screenshot, I had a few problems with my first submission. I have have made several changes and resubmitted the Wikipedia page.

This was a great opportunity to learn new ways to edit, format, and embed using Wikipedia formatting. At times it was a bit frustrating but I hope to continue to edit this page and learn how to contribute to Wikipedia in a more efficient and effective ways. I believe I could use Wikipedia as an option for my students to express their final product. Not only would this allow for content but would be great to meet the ISTE NETS-S.

In creating a wiki of my own I debated using one that I had already created but then decided to try something new. So, I created Facilitating the 21st Century. My intent was to create a wiki that also utilized the skills of facilitation: guide, question, provide opportunity.

The intent of this wiki is to provide a space for other teachers to collaborate and share their experiences and knowledge. To do this a member or visitor would simply choose a topic page from the menu and add to it. Topics include technology tools, concepts, and pedagogy in a 1-on-1 classroom. Think of it as a technology in education library made by teachers for teachers.

There is one obstacle that I have not been able to overcome. And that is the privacy settings will only allow people who are members to edit the website. I have tried to change this in the "Manage Wiki" setting but my account is not letting me do so. I will continue to investigate this, having to request and wait for membership, in my opinion, will stand in the way of this being a successful wiki.

Hopefully I can figure this out in the near future.

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