Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CEP811 Reflection

In reflection of my learning through cep 811, two main topics standout; the STaIR and building a website. Both of these topics were interest of mine before starting the course but I had little experience with either and was excited to get a start. And through facilitator and peer feedback I believe that I have a solid foundation to build upon as I move forward. 

My plan this year is to build mini video lessons to support content learning in my pbl classroom. Using Camtasia I plan to create these lessons following a STaIR/Flip style with interactive quizzes for self assessment and hotspots that encourage "think" time and collaboration. Some of these videos I will make from scrath, utilizing Google presentations or Micorsoft ppt, and then produce them in Camtasia. For other lessons I may use videos already created and shared on YouTube. Recently I contacted Mr. Anderson of Bozeman Biology via Twitter and recieved permission to modify and reuse his videos (adding the interactivity), which are excellent instructional lessons.

To host the video lessons and a basic framework for each unit I have created a website, KIHBiology. We have aschool managmenent system called Google which host calendars, activities, grades, and other information but it lacks the ability to create fluid or smooth transition. The KIH Biology website contains multi week webquests for each unit. These webquest will support the end products of students by keeping them on track and narrowing resources while still providing inquiry and flexibility. I have utilized knowledge from the cep811 webquest evaluation assignment to begin this process. To view this living document, see Matter and Energy in the Ecosystem.

It is and has been my goal to continue to learn how I can utilize technology to improve learning (versus just using techinology in class). I believe that both cep 810 and 811 have had a tremendous impact:
  • Exposing me to new resources, such as Merlot, ISTE Standards
  • Encouraging use of online PLN: Twitter, Angel
  • Getting me to ask "what, why, and how" amd I using a certain piece of technology.
  • and building my capacity to use google sites and Camtasia.
I plan to continue working towards my goal this school year. With support of cep812 and my students, I believe that I will move forward and find more ways to have a positive impact on other's learning.

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