Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Ideas

Below are three short descriptions of projects that I plan to do this semester. I am sharing them with the hope of receiving feedback from other pbl teachers. Please share your concerns and/or suggestions.
I am very excited about this one because the students will have a chance to be as goofy or serious as they wish while demonstrating their understanding of natural selection and Charles Darwin. The students will develop a script to make a video short (like SNL shorts) that depicts Charles Darwin as he discusses one of the following driving questions.
Action! The World According to Darwin
March 12, 2012 – March 30, 2012
Driving Question
“I was like a blind man given sight?” or "Do we interfere with survival of the fittest?"
I am curious if anyone has suggestions on how to support the video production, acting, script etc. I do plan to have them create a story board and most of our students have experience with Windows Live Movie Maker. I was also hoping to have local film student be part of the authentic audience but I am wondering if anyone has another idea.
This idea came from CIESE (ciese.org), in general students collect phenotype data and then share it with other schools to create a larger data base. The data is then used to answer the question; Is the dominant trait most prevalent. I love the idea to share with other students and I may use the the CIESE connection but before doing so I was wondering if other NewTech Schoolmay be interested. If so, I would consider changing the driving question to Who is a NewTech Student? If you are a NewTech school and you are interested please let me know.
The Human Genome
February 17, 2012 – March 9, 2012
Driving Question
Does dominance always prevail?

The following project title and driving question are for our unit on DNA/RNA & Protein Synthesis.
That is a Great Work of Art
February 3, 2012 – February 17, 2012
Driving Question
How can art help us understand?
I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on the medium the students can use to create the art or entry events to grab the students interest..


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