Monday, February 7, 2011

The Breakfast Club

For the students of Englishville the phrase “Breakfast Club” has more meaning to it then an 80’s hit movie. While the theater portrayed 5 high school students serving detention on a Saturday morning, Englishville’s Breakfast Club is recognizing students who are demonstrating positive growth. The Breakfast Club meets six times in a school year; at the midpoint and end of each trimester. Any student passing all of their classes or demonstrating exemplary attendance will be invited to breakfast, cooked by one of the Englishville staff. So far this year, the students have enjoyed pancakes, eggs, sausages, and homemade biscuits and gravy. The students have responded with many thank-yous, which is a bit ironic since we are thanking them.

The Breakfast Club does not exist only to recognize those who have met the requirements but it also serves as a tool to build and sustain a culture of success. As a teacher I have found peer recognition of effort and accomplishments as a very powerful self-motivator. It is my hope that the breakfast club will be the recognition that continues to fuel the students towards achievement. Many students come to Englishville with a history of not being successful at school which can easily transform into a dislike for learning. If, as a small learning community, we can make learning rewarding, then we may be able to instill in each student the desire and motivation to succeed.

If recognition can lead students towards achievement then learning takes place, credit towards graduation is earned, and teachers can challenge the students with lessons that dive deeper into the content. It is a win win scenario! And the breakfast is delicious as well!

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